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We provide guard rail technology for private and commercial use in our online shop. With our products, we increase safety of your premises, your parking lots or the factory. We at are experts in all areas of safety engineering. Our product range includes various locking elements, barriers, cabinet fences, trench bridges, shaft guards and products for outdoor design and factory protection.

Guard railing of construction sites

The closure of construction sites is required by law. To enable them as contractors to meet their obligations, we carry out a wide range of shut-off technology. Very popular are plastic shutters, as these are ideal for mobile use. Our shut-off grilles / fall arrestors or even cabinet fencing, can be extended as desired, so that even larger construction sites can be secured through. In addition to the selection of barrier gates, we also provide individual beacons, where they can choose between the BAST tested models, whether they should point to the left or to the right. Further products in our shut-off technology program can be found with our shaft protection grids / shaft barriers according to TL, barrier shears for securing trenches and other construction site areas. Furthermore, in our shut-off technique, traffic cones are also called pylons in many variants, tested according to TL traffic cones. New from the program at, you will now also find warning and signal lamps with the latest LED technology with the appropriate accessories such as block batteries 6V / 7 AH for warning / signal lamps and the associated battery boxes.

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